What’s Happening in Bosnia? Here’s What The News Won’t Tell You

Our country has some of the most progressive laws for freedom of speech. We can go outside and say what we want, journalists can praise or criticize the government without worry. But where we get our facts from is a different story. The freedom of speech allows the news sources to publish almost anything they want. And it’s easy to forget that these sources are businesses as well. So, while yes, there are definitely news sources with most honorable intentions, most have to publish what will engage the most activity with their audience. This means that some things will almost always be left out of the spotlight or left without mention at all. 

One of those left-out cases is the Immigration Crisis in Bosnia. For a while, immigrants who’ve left their homes in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, fleeing poverty and war-torn countries, have traveled all the way to Bosnia. They are now attempting to enter Croatia, not because they want to live in Croatia, but because once they’re in, they’ve entered what’s known as the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a result of the Schengen Agreement, which was an agreement passed in 1985 that removed all the borders within the European Union. The lack of borders will allow im

migrants to seek the best available jobs and opportunities without the hassle of visas needed for traveling between countries. 

The immigrants are being denied from entering the EU by Croatia. And the denial of the thousands of people, with no other place to go, is creating a buildup at the border. The stories of the immigrants trying to enter Croatia are endless. From being detained for days at a time, to being beaten senseless by border control, the immigrants are facing awful treatment for for seeking a better life. The Immigrants had been staying in Vučjak Camp since the Fall, and they were just recently transferred to former military barracks. The Vučjak Camp was reported as resembling a muddy, watery, garbage dump. They lacked running water, food, and were living in tents in the wilderness. They were lucky that the Bosnian government finally chose to address the issue and transport the immigrants because the cold winter was finally beginning to settle in, and the temperatures were reaching well below zero degrees. I urge you to do research on the issues, like this one, that are not at the top of the headlines.

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