Which Side of History Will You Be On? Hopefully It’s the Right Side

The United States is in a weird position right now. You’ve definitely (I hope) read about the impeachment of Donald J. Trump and impending senate trials, the encaging of Hispanic immigrants, etc. I could go on with a list for days about the wrongdoings of this nation. And I know you’ve definitely learned about history’s wrongdoings, from the Holocaust and Stalin to the slavery of African Americans and the segregation through Jim Crow. While each of these events differs drastically between one another, they each have a fortunate resemblance, they all came to an end. They all left plenty of issues in their wakes, but they each essentially came to an end. So, when I hear “Trump did this,” or, “said that,” or “supports them,” I look at it as another one of these tragic events. Trump’s impact on the United States is not comparable to the likes of Hitler or Stalin, or the enslavement and segregation of African Americans. Still, it is essential to look at the conceptual side of it all. When we do stop and conceptualize the evils throughout history and how they always seem to be righted, you will come to the conclusion that pure evil does not persist. There are undoubtedly arguable cases where darkness still lingers from historical events, but these are mostly after-affects. And so, I believe that it is not an “if,” but a “when” Trump’s “reign” will come to an end, just like all other evils throughout history.

The end of Trump’s reign, however, brings up another issue. After he is brought to justice for the wrongs he’s committed, opinions will be formed, and his associates will be judged. We can take a look at the previous examples from above, the Holocaust and Slavery. If you ask around about Anti-Semitism, most people will say that they definitely do not support it. Of course, there are outliers, such as Neo-Nazis and those who are merely violently discriminatory. But the majority of people have taken a stance against what Hitler and his millions of followers once believed. We can also look at slavery, a closer example to home. Millions of people from the South (and a few from the North) supported and promoted the enslavement of Blacks. Now, however, when you read the small paragraph in your textbook from high school, you see that it is definitely not supported by the majority of people. However, your occasional, not-so-uncommon racist persists within the nation. With both examples taking place around a hundred, or so, years ago, you can look at the present and see that people have taken a side. One of those sides is forever engraved in history as the wrong side and the other, the right side. And so, all I can think after comprehending this is, “What side of history will you be on?”

It’s all in your hands, nobody but you can decide what side of history you will be on. I urge you to look for more examples, even for some cases that counteract my belief. Whatever it takes to get you thinking about this situation because an enlightened mind is an open mind. And an open mind will drive you to the right side of history.

Choose the right side.

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