What Is The Pursuit Of Happiness?

Life is a single entity divided into seven billion different ways. Those seven billion portions are each individually unique to whoever has been deemed the task of living that life. Seven billion different experiences, so why do we choose to sum it all up into one single word? Life. It’s not possible to observe everyone’s daily life, but if you did, you’d see hardly, if at all, any similarities. The world is an expansive place with 7 continents, 195 (or 197) countries, and too many cultures to count. However, take a look into the individual communities and neighborhoods, and even more differences arise. It’s important to note the most minute details because it’s the small things that make up our daily life. From your clothing preferences to your favorite foods. These little details add up to define what we collectively consider our life. The only identical occurrences in the seven billion lives and anyone who came before is their beginning, their end, and their pursuit for so-called happiness.

I believe, at some point in everyone’s lives, the notion of happiness is, has been, or will be the motivation of their actions. The definition, however, varies between everyone. Just as “life” can have a versatile meaning, happiness is just as, if not more, subjective. The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley defines happiness as “The experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” Dictionary definitions like this one use words like “good” and “contentment,” but those words are too vague for someone to take away anything significant. Leaving the reader’s curiousness unfulfilled and dissatisfied.  

There must be over seven billion unique definitions of happiness. Some crave money, some desire power, others yearn for love, none can be proven wrong. They can be different from your idea of it, but they can’t be proven wrong.

Everyone who desires to live a fulfilled life needs to understand what their definition of happiness is. People mistakenly assume that their source of happiness will be the same as someone else’s’. So, the assumption that money will grant you satisfaction is most common. It stems from seeing affluent figures throughout media and how happy they seemingly are. Now I won’t say people never find happiness in wealth, but too many people assume they will. And when they spend their life achieving that individual status of wealth, they’re more often than not, left unsatisfied. 

“The secret of happiness, you seek, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less”


When searching for how you’re going to define happiness, I recommend looking for things that are not material. The problem with material things is that once we obtain it, we are left craving more of it or something better. So, search for something that fulfills your passion and leaves you emotionally satisfied. 

My definition of happiness is found in helping others. My parents taught me that it’s okay to find pleasure in money and power, but not happiness. My parents were present. They went to college. I got to choose where I want to study. I not only know I can, but I expect myself to graduate. These are what I have subconsciously deemed standard. Yet, millions, maybe even billions, of kids don’t have those luxuries. 

My advantages were granted to me for a reason. Too many people get head starts and use them to achieve self-success. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with obtaining wealth, but with that wealth comes power. And with that power, I strongly believe, comes an obligation to utilize your success to assist others in achieving their satisfactory level of contentment. This is how I plan to achieve my ultimate happiness. 

As a civil rights attorney, I’ll help those experiencing the blunt end of life. Some people fall off the right track. Some were never even put on the track at all. But they each deserve that chance, and through civil rights and this blog, I plan to make a difference. Education and a push forward will bring even the most distant individuals closer to the right path. This realization is how I choose to define my happiness.

The most genuine smile on my face will always be the result of making someone else’s life a little bit better.

And so, in my pursuit of happiness, I choose to help others on theirs.

Inspired by the movie Pursuit Of Happyness.

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