Here’s Where LGBTQ Is Still Outlawed

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In developed nations, the right to choose one’s sexual and gender orientation is more often than not taken for granted. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the world still looks down upon the LGTBQ community. Human Dignity Trust reports that nearly 36 percent of the world’s countries still criminalize based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Keep reading to see where LGBTQ is still outlawed.

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Middle East

In the Middle East, contains a high number of countries where LGBTQ is still outlawed. In several countries, associating with the LGBTQ community is punishable by death.

Countries that utilize the death penalty *

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  1. Afghanistan*
  2. Syria
  3. Iran*
  4. Oman
  5. Qatar*
  6. United Arab Emirates*
  7. Yemen
  8. Kuwait
  9. Libya
  10. Saudi Arabia*
  11. Pakistan*
  12. South Sudan
  13. Sudan*
  14. Uzbekistan
  15. Palestine
  16. Lebanon

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The continent of Asia contains a bit of what is considered Middle Eastern nations. Though, of the countries that are undoubtedly considered Asia, there are 10 where LGBTQ is still outlawed. Involving association, participation, or affiliation. None, however, consider LGBTQ a capital crime.

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  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Singapore
  3. Barbados
  4. Malaysia
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Brunei
  7. Turkmenistan
  8. Indonesia
  9. Maldives
  10. Myanmar

North America

When one thinks of North America, it is usually of the United States or Canada, and these are two well-developed and progressive nations. So, it may come as a surprise that there are indeed countries that outlaw LGBTQ. The places in North America where LGBTQ is still outlawed are mostly societies that are unfortunately well below the poverty line.

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  1. Jamaica
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. St Lucia
  4. Dominica
  5. St. Kitts and Nevis
  6. Grenada
  7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

South America

In South America, the only nation to criminalize the LGBTQ community is Guyana. The criminalization of the community shaped social norms throughout the country. Fortunately, an organization, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), is taking a strong stance to resolve the long-standing issue

  1. Guyana


There are 7 out of the 14 countries that make up Oceania — Australia — where LGBTQ is still outlawed. The criminalization of the LGBTQ community is primarily from assimilation into European and other foreign cultures through colonialism.

Photo by Rafa Prada on Unsplash
  1. Papua New Guinea
  2. Tuvalu
  3. Tonga
  4. Tanzania
  5. Kiribati
  6. Samoa
  7. Solomon Islands


The continent of Africa is most abundant with countries where LGBTQ is still outlawed. A majority of these nations do not allow the death penalty to be implemented, however, a few do. Nations such as Nigeria, Somalia, and Mauritania consider LGBTQ a capital crime. 

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  1. Algeria
  2. Cameroon
  3. Angola
  4. Kenya
  5. Uganda
  6. Zambia
  7. Zimbabwe
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Ghana
  10. Nigeria*
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. Somalia*
  13. Burundi
  14. Comoros
  15. Gambia
  16. Eritrea
  17. Tunisia
  18. Swaziland
  19. Egypt
  20. Liberia
  21. Togo
  22. Malawi
  23. Mauritania*
  24. Mauritius
  25. Morocco
  26. Namibia
  27. Senegal
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

These lists show all 70 countries where LGBTQ is still outlawed. According to Human Dignity Trust, of these 70 countries, 45 criminalize female homosexuality. 70 criminalize homosexuality between any gender. 15 criminalize transgender people and people who ‘crossdress.’ And 12 nations allow the courts to impose the death penalty upon those who associate with the LGBTQ.

If you’re not sure what the different orientations of the LGBTQ community are click here.

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