History Repeats And Repeats And COVID-19 Is No Exception

Spanish Flu: a warning from history By: cambridge university

Humanity, as a civilization, has an awful habit of forgetting our history. Coronavirus is not the first nor the last travesty the world will face. But unless we actually learn from our mistakes, we will eventually succumb to them. I beg the question to you, why are we blissfully ignorant while history repeats and repeats?

I know history never truly “repeats.” Nothing does, but think about these words from Mark Twain, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

Here’s What Repeated

We, in 2020, are not the first to let history repeat itself, nor will we be the last. Take a look back in time, and you’ll see plenty of examples. Here are two that I’ll discuss.

  • The Roman Empire [400AD]:

The Roman Empire stretched its reach all around the globe and ruled for 1000 years. But in 400AD, the empire is most known for crucifying and slaying Christians. Christians, in their eyes, were wrong and unacceptable. 

  • Th Holocaust:

In its most simplified terms, the Holocaust was the result of a power-hungry man — Hitler — declared it his job to decide who was and was not acceptable for the “perfect” race — the Aryan Race. This meant any minority, any Jew, any unique sexual orientation was murdered almost instantaneously. 

These are two examples in history where similar horrific events took place. In the mass crucifixions, the Roman Empire reckoned it their job to decide which god is genuinely responsible for our existence. And in the Holocaust, Hitler believed it his duty to determine who is and who isn’t tolerable. 

Twice in history — and many more — someone declared themselves the decider of who lives and who doesn’t. 

Twice in history where men decided that their personal views where worth the lives of millions of innocent people. 

Twice in history, when two rulers wholly disregarded human life for the sake of their personal beliefs. 


Here’s What’s Repeating Now

We clearly see times where history repeated itself in the past, but don’t think we’re in the clear here in 2020. COVID-19 is yet another example of how history repeats and repeats.

Our response, or more the

lack thereof it, is appalling. Looking back at previous epidemics and

pandemics, we see how history repeats and repeats. The Spanish Flu, for

example started in Kansas. 

Yes, Kansas.

Picture of empty road in Kansas, United States
Photo by Tim Umphreys on Unsplash

The very first documented case of the “Spanish” Flu was in Kansas, United States. In fact, History.com claims it’s “unlikely the ‘Spanish Flu’ originated in Spain,” and its actual origins are unknown.

Spain experienced the same widespread ignorance as to the United States. The people of Spain gave the virus the name“French Flu” because they believed it originated in, you guessed it, France.

Just like with the “Spanish” Flu, racism surrounds COVID-19.

Here’s a directly quoted statement from yours truly.

  • Reporter: “Why do you keep calling it the ‘Chinese virus’?”
  • Trump: “Because it comes from China.”
  • Reporter: “A lot of people say it’s racist.”
  • Trump: “It’s not racist at all, no. Not at all. It comes from China.”
  • Reporter: “Do you think the term ‘Chinese virus’ puts [Asian Americans] at risk?”
  • Trump: “No, not at all. I think they would agree with it 100 percent.”

As you can see, the commander in chief — arguably the most powerful man in the world — deems COVID-19 as the racist “Chinese virus.”

Racism, clearly, hasn’t changed, and that’s not a shock, but in terms of blaming an ethnicity for a virus…I mean, you’dhave thought we’d be less ignorant by now.

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We Got Too Comfortable

As a nation, haven’t we sacrificed enough lives? Haven’t we seen enough people die to make a change? The worldwide death toll, as of April 6, 2020, from COVID-19, is 70,000 people.

I’ve heard too many times,

“Oh, it’s no worse than the flu,” or “Look at how many people have recovered.”

No, how about you look at how many people have died!

We, as a nation, have become way too comfortable with people dying. I don’t care how many people recovered; a death is a death. And one person dead from a lack of planning is appalling.

People are not numbers, so don’t treat them as such.


Let’s Fix This Now

Hopefully, you understand, now, how history repeats and repeats. It’s time to fix this. 

First of all, we need to learn from the past. In a time as well documented and advanced as now, we should be prepared for instances like COVID-19. The amount of people dying alone right now is unnecessary.

Please, I urge you to make a change. Maybe you’ve been calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” and you feel bad. Well, don’t! There’s never been a better time to change than right now. 

Whatever you can do to help our healthcare servicers DO IT. 

Make some masks and donate them. Or, if you have some stockpiled, donate them. Clapping and cheering for the health workers is a beautiful sentiment, but it does nothing for the shortage of supplies.

If you’re feeling at a loss for an idea to help out, then check out this list of charities helping.

An organization that is sending shipping containers full of medical supplies to hospitals and supplies volunteers to hospitals.

This nonprofit focuses on the futures of underprivileged children. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization is partnering with medical services to help resolve the increasing shortage of healthcare workers.

New York City is the worst-hit place in the United States, and the city that never sleeps finally took a nap. This charity is doing its part to help by setting up the COVID-19 Community Fund and providing assistance to families in need.

Please do whatever you can, no matter how big or small. 

Remember, there will come a time of judgment. No, I’m not talking about anything godly. The history books willdetermine who was on the wrong side and who was on the right side.

I can only hope you’ll choose the right side of history.


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